My mission as a designer is to professionally curate exceptional aesthetics in your home using color, shape and environment. 

Let’s meet to discuss your design goals and see examples of our innovative window-treatment designs and smart-home shade technologies in action. I will help you identify the best product designs for your needs and then help you make the perfect fabric and color choices, essential for a visually stunning end result.

At your convenience, I will then come to your home to obtain the precise measurements used in the custom manufacturing of your window treatments, ensuring the perfect fit to the unique shape and size of your specific windows.

After your window treatments are crafted, I will return to your home to complete a professional and flawless installation.



We believe that the perfect window treatment should do more than just cover a window.

For almost 100 years we have dedicated ourselves to studying the properties of light at the window, discovering new ways to manage the daily illumination, privacy and energy management needs of a home, and pioneering innovative window treatment designs that add value and style to any room.